Using our remote support capabilities Crossslink can offer clients with a more timely resolutions of their IT problems or quires which allows clients to receive a cost effective solution. With Crosslink remote support services we are able to connect to your computer, server or compatible device via remote management tools which you grant permission to. Most issues can be resolved via our remote support facilities which means that your not having to wait for one of our technicians to arrive onsite to resolve the issue.

All that is required for our Remote support services to work is that your computer, server or compatible device is functioning and is able to establish an active connection to the internet so that a Crosslink technician can gain access. During a remote support session the client will be able to see everything the technician is doing on the screen in real-time and walk you through what the issue is so that you can gain a better understanding into why the problem occurred. Below are some of the remote services we can perform for you;

  • Application and Software Fixes
  • Installation of Products or Updates
  • Configuration of most applications
  • Administering network devices such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Server and Desktop administration
  • Server and Desktop reboots