Onsite support is presented to our clients in two different methods;

  1. Onsite Support Callout
  2. Scheduled Onsite Support

Onsite Support Callout’s

Crosslink offer clients with the ability to call out one of our technicians onto their site when an issues occurs within their IT environment. If you are looking to obtain a more pro-active model Crosslink suggests looking at organising a Scheduled Onsite Support arrangement with us.

Scheduled Onsite Support

Our Scheduled Onsite Support services give you access to one of our technicians on a regular day each week/fortnight to assist in the routine maintenance of your IT systems to ensure that they are functioning optimally. Our technician will also attend to any other issues or tasks that may have occurred since the last scheduled visit, these could include such items as; assisting staff with current issues on desktops or terminals, installation of software or hardware and other programming or configuration for users or servers.

By offering clients with a Pro-active model of caring for their IT environment Crosslink can help by;

  • Saving You Money – Clients on a Pro-Active care model tend to spend less as major site issues tend not to occur as systems are maintained on a regular basis and little issues are dealt with before they cause downtime or unproductive behaviors.
  • Better IT support due to our technician(s) becoming more familiar with your requirements, systems and staff members
  • Peace of mind that your systems are running as they should be including knowing that your backups are working and a disaster recovery plan is managed